Valentina Tran & Eric Vergati

Valentina was born and raised in small town Wisconsin and Eric a Dallas boy. They met each other by complete chance at a Dallas restaurant while out with friends. Valentina is a registered nurse in the emergency room and Eric is a senior financial analyst and CPA.

We enjoy working out, hanging out with our dogs, and watching football (Valentina is a huge Green Bay fan and Eric is a Dallas Cowboys fan). We really enjoy trying new things and going new places.

We make a great couple because we are fun and love life. We make each other laugh on a daily basis. We have our similarities, but also our differences that complement each other. Valentina is outgoing and excited and Eric is funny and level headed. We balance each other out, but also make a fun and interesting dynamic.

How we knew this was it:

We have been inseparable since our first date.

Eric: I knew from the beginning that there was something different and special about Valentina. She is one of the most fun loving and thoughtful individuals I have ever met. We had instant chemistry on our first date and we were constantly laughing and flirting. She continued to display her warm heart by nursing me back to health when I broke my ankle and was on crutches for 10 weeks. There aren't many people is this world that would have bent over backwards the way she did for me during that stretch. That's when I finally realized that this was more than just passion and she was "the one."

Valentina: I knew Eric was the one for me after our first kiss. I felt something from those two short kisses that I had never felt before. My sister always wanted the best for me and constantly told me I deserve more. When she met Eric she told me I finally met my match. That confirmed my feelings and he has been my rock ever since.

How we got engaged:

I will never forget the day he proposed on November 10th, 2013. The entire day was filled with our "firsts." Eric took me to where we first met, to our first date, and our first apartment.

Our first date was mini golfing, so we played putt-putt, arcade games, laser tag, and hit a few balls at the batting cage.

After we finished those activities Eric told me he was craving calamari, which I thought was strange at the time, but didn't really put much thought into it. Of course we went to the place where we first met because they do have great calamari.

After dinner, Eric said he was going to take me to a dessert bar downtown. We parked near our first apartment together and we walked and reminisced. We approached a large water fountain with beautiful orchestra music playing in the background. Just as Eric was telling me how much he loved me, the music gradually got louder and the water fountains shot up. Eric got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect!!

Our Perfect Date:

We both have very demanding jobs so when it comes to date nights we really like to enjoy ourselves and act like kids again. We either like to relive our first date and engagement if we are in the mood for a romantic evening, or do something more adventurous when we get a wild hair.

The first perfect date is very similar to the day we got engaged. We would go play mini-golf and arcade games (where Valentina always wins and sadly not because Eric lets her). We then like to go to our favorite food spots for dinner and drinks (usually steak or sushi). To end the night we like to come home and watch a good movie and curl up on the couch with our dogs.

The second perfect date would be going to do something a little more bold like rock climbing. This gives us a chance to challenge ourselves and get our adrenaline going. After that we like to cool down with some frozen yogurt.

Why you should vote for us:

We should win the Brides Live wedding because we are the best couple. In all honesty, we have been through a lot this past year and winning would be an incredible way to start the next stage of our lives together. Valentina lost her sister in March 2012. They were as close as two sisters could be and it was a devastating moment in her life. Wedding planning without Victoria has been bittersweet and very overwhelming. Having Brides viewers help with our wedding choices would give us a wedding beyond our wildest dreams and alleviate the added stress.

Secondly, we both have a lot of student loan debt that we are working hard to pay off. This leaves us with a very limited wedding budget and Valentina has been picking up extra shifts at the hospital in order to help.

With friends and family all over the world, winning this competition would allow us to share this incredible day with every single one of them whether they are streaming it live from the internet or there with us.

Our Favorite Charity:
Lupus Foundation of America

Valentina's father and younger sister are both lupus patients. Valentina lost her younger sister, Victoria, to lupus in 2012 at the young age of 23. Valentina and Victoria were not only sisters, but best friends. There is little known about this terrible disease so it's important to bring awareness and reach as many people as possible. Valentina is now devoted to helping find a cure and has become at active member of the Lupus Foundation of North Texas. She shares Victoria's story and battle with lupus to bring awareness to the Dallas area and is motivated to keep her sister's memory alive. Donating to this foundation could help shed some light on this horrible disease and hopefully help find a cure and prevent others from losing their lives or loved ones.

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