Porsia Thomas & Wade Curry

Aside from being the greatest couple to ever walk the planet (a little confidence is necessary right?), we are two people who have found the loves of our life, and want to share our union with the world! We both work in higher education, and are committed to helping others achieve their goals. Our connection is strengthened by our faith in God, love for family, and dedication to the Lakers (Go LAKESHOW!). Individually, I love to cook/eat, dance, read, laugh, and go out with friends. Wade, my Renaissance man, loves basketball, cars, technology, making people laugh, and eating all of the food I make! What makes us a great couple is the fact that we genuinely like and enjoy each other! I mean, we love each other like Instagram loves pictures, but our connection is one neither of us thought we would ever have. Our silliness is off the charts, and we are both committed to enjoying our lives together. We appreciate each other's personality, and are better people together.

How we knew this was it:

I knew that he was the one a night in the first couple of months of dating. It was a rainy day, so we planned to stay in and watch a movie over his house. When I walked in, he had a little display set up with kettle corn popcorn (which he had no idea I love), and the Twilight New Moon dvd, that I was missing from my collection. I then looked over and realized that he had built us a fort by draping blankets over the couch and chairs. The excitement I felt was something I still to this day cannot describe, because I could not believe that I had found a man who was so hot, funny, had a job, and thought that forts were fun!!! I was all in after that! lol

How we got engaged:

The proposal was on July 20, 2013 at my mother's house. I was told there would be a "fish fry" going on for my sister because she was leaving the following day to play professional basketball in Thailand. A lot of my family and closest friends were in attendance, and I didn't question this because I had invited many of them myself. Everything was going well, but then my mother and sister announced that we were all going to play a game of Pictionary. I realized that we were going to be pulling the words from a cup and began to protest, but was shut down. I soon realized that each picture that was drawn was related to the experiences Wade and I had shared throughout our 3 years together. My mother drew the final picture and it was "proposal." Wade then pulled me in front of everyone, said amazing words that I wish I could remember, and asked for my hand in marriage. I've never felt more happy and disoriented in my whole life! It turned out that everyone else but me knew that I was getting engaged!

Our Perfect Date:

A perfect date night would be on a Friday night because it is the beginning of the weekend and we'll still have time to recuperate for work on Monday! We would start with dinner at one of our local hotspots, preferably somewhere we have not been, but has masterful food and great cocktails! We would then go hear some live music and dance the night away, or until we're too tired to move.

Why you should vote for us:

We should win the Brides Live Wedding because I believe that we deserve to have the wedding of our dreams. Not to say that every other bride doesn't, but why not us? We are a young couple and many of the things that will be made available to us would never be possible if not for this opportunity. Also, our loving yet silly nature will be nothing less than entertaining! The people in our bridal party are some of the funniest, craziest, smartest, and most attractive people you can imagine, and Wade and I are not so bad ourselves. I must also mention that we are very competitive and will do everything in our power to help propel us forward. Nevertheless we are a very go with the flow couple and are grateful for any opportunity offered to us to make our day that much more special. We are excited about this experience!

Our Favorite Charity:
Make-A-Wish International

We appreciate a charity that is dedicated to bringing joy to children who might feel dejected by the circumstances a life-threatening condition causes. The fact that there may be no cure for what the child is facing, but they can still have hope brought to them by their wish coming true is absolutely beautiful. We would be very proud to have our wedding connected to such meaningful work.

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