Lynn Donini & Mike Flynn

I am a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. I love working with children and I wouldn't change it for the world. The kids I work with every day inspire me to be a better person. I am also in graduate school at the University of South Florida studying to get my Masters in Nursing and become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. My fiancé is a pharmacist at Walgreens. He enjoys the challenge of working with all different kinds of people and especially loves managing his elderly patients' medications. He is an immunizing pharmacist and is an expert at giving flu shots. He gave me mine this year and I didn't feel a thing!

Mike and I are an active couple and both enjoy working out everyday. I am an avid Cross Fitter and Mike is my biggest fan. He has cheered me on at competitions and makes sure I eat enough protein! We enjoy spending time together on the golf course and the beach.

How we knew this was it:

I was working at a small hospital in my hometown of Sebastian, Fl. I was fresh out of nursing school and constantly complaining to my mom that I would never meet anyone in that town. One day at work, I noticed the pharmacist had a young, cute intern with him. One of the nurses on the floor opened her big mouth and said, "Hey! Hey you!" (Talking to the young intern.) And followed that with, "You got a girlfriend?!" The young intern replied "Umm no." The nurse yelled back to him, "She's cute isn't she?" And pointed to me. He said "Um yeah." (What else could be say in that situation?) The nurse then said, "Well, you should take her out sometime." I thought that was the end of the embarrassing conversation. Little did I know, the nurse proceeded to call down to the pharmacy and gave the intern my number. Later that night I got a phone call from the intern! He asked me out and we went for drinks the following night. He eventually moved down to Florida for good and the rest is history!

How we got engaged:

Mike proposed to me overlooking Niagara Falls. We had a trip planned to go to Rochester, NY (Mike's hometown) for his brother's graduation. Mike suggested we fly into Niagara Falls prior to the graduation. He was planning the proposal the entire time! We spent the day exploring the Falls and then had dinner at a fancy restaurant overlooking the Falls called Milestones. We ordered wine and then Mike disappeared to find someone to take our picture. The next thing I knew, he was down on one knee! The hostess had his camera and was able to capture the moment. When I finally said yes (I was distracted by the diamond!) the whole restaurant cheered and clapped. As we ate our meal, people stopped by our table to offer their congratulations and words of wisdom. It was so sweet! We had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and spent the night celebrating in the casino! I came to find out the only time the plan was in jeopardy was when Mike's backpack got searched by airport security!

Our Perfect Date:

A perfect date day/night would start with us playing 18 holes on a nearby golf course. Mike would try not to tell me how to swing my clubs and I would try not to fall out of the cart with his crazy driving! After golf we would freshen up and head to Chili's where we would catch up on work, family, and everything in between. Sometimes Mike even let's me order something that's not on the two for $20 menu! I would order my red wine and Mike would have a Sam Adams. I have a twin sister, older sister, and older brother whom I am very close to. I talk to my sisters constantly throughout the day and there's always something to catch Mike up on. The only hard part is trying to find a day to be together with our hectic schedules!

Why you should vote for us:

Lynn and I should win Brides Live Wedding because we are a loving couple who contribute to our communities through our work every day. Lynn's twin sister is getting married in May 2014. My mother is a twin as well and I know firsthand how difficult it can be to be seen as an individual. I want Lynn to be able to have a wedding as unique and special as she is to me.

Mike and I should win Brides Live Wedding because we deserve to have a spectacular wedding. What Mike brings to this relationship is something that many relationships these days are missing. Mike opens every door for me, washes my dishes, and cleans my apartment constantly. He honors and protects me in every way possible. These are just some of the qualities that I know will make him an amazing husband. I am looking forward to starting our lives together and I think that such a wonderful man deserves a wedding as special as he is.

Our Favorite Charity:
Ronald McDonald House Charities

The Ronald McDonald House will always have a special place in our hearts. I see firsthand what the families of children fighting cancer go through and RMH makes sure that they have one less thing to worry about. Whether it's to do a load of laundry, cook dinner, or simply to get a well-deserved break, RMH makes sure that parents and families have somewhere to do so. I have admitted sick children to the hematology/oncology floor in the middle of the night and many times they have a young sibling with them who isn't permitted to stay. With a quick call to RMH we can give them a place to stay that's affordable, safe, and close by. Without Ronald McDonald House, our families would have many additional struggles that they don't deserve.

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