Katie Kelly & Sean Swetnam

Final Three Couples Revealed
April 24, 2015
MAY 4, 2015!

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About us

Hi, I'm Katie :) I am a volleyball coach and a soon to be Spanish teacher. I am drawn to anything that gets me moving; paddle boarding, yoga, and volleyball. I'm a California girl, but volleyball took me across the US to Maryland for college, which is where I met Sean. He was a pitcher on the baseball team, and well... the rest is history. BUT, it definitely was not love at first sight! I remember rolling my eyes to my friends whenever he tried to catch my eye. I was not very impressed when we first met, but thankfully he was persistent :)

I'm Sean, a baseball coach and personal trainer! I love staying active, and I love working with kids. When I first saw that California girl, I knew she was the one. I have always felt pressure to find a different type of career, one that requires a tie, but Katie has pushed me to stick with what makes me happy and make a living doing that. She brings the best out in me, she pushes me to reach my full potential, and I couldn't ask for a better woman.

When we fell in love

We had only been dating for about four months when Sean flew from Maryland to California to meet my family for the first time. I knew I was crazy about him, and after seeing him interact with my family, I realized there was no turning back. I was in the house with my mom talking, when I looked out the window and saw Sean in the pool with my nephew, James, holding him up in the air and spinning him around. James was laughing so loud, and Sean was smiling so big. I knew right then that I would spend the rest of my life with that man. - Katie

I fell in love with Katie the first time I saw her. She doesn't believe me, but I swear it's true. Her smile lit up the room. I was determined to make her mine. She was reluctant, but I made it happen. I tore down her walls, I got to know her soft side and her goofy side. She blew me away. On our second date, she grabbed my hand and put it around her shoulder. I knew right then I would never let her go. - Sean

Our proposal

Ah... the proposal. Sean had just met me in Spain for the last two weeks of my semester abroad, and was coming back to California with me to spend Christmas with my family for the very first time, after having dated for almost 5 years. Christmas morning comes. We're all gathered around the tree, and Sean starts acting weird! He got up and stood on the other side of the 13 foot Christmas tree, pretty much out of sight. My mom, sister, and I just thought maybe he was a bit overwhelmed. He's reaching in the tree, sticking his head between the branches. My dad says, "Sean, stop messing with the tree, it's going to fall!" Sean pulls away and gets red. He walks towards me, gets down on one knee, and says "Kathryn, I want to ask you to marry me, but I hid the ring in the tree and can't find it." Everyone laughs, my mom and sister cry, my dad and Sean find flashlights and search for the ring. He finds the ring, gets down on his knee again, and says "Well?" I cry and laugh and say, "Of course!"

Our Perfect Date

Being in a long distance relationship from CA to MD, these kinds of daydreams keep our spirits up when times get tough :) It's a perfect So Cal day, we wake up early, grab our coffee and breakfast and head out to the backyard with our dog, Phoebe. Then we pack the towels, strap the paddle boards to the roof, get Phoebe in the car and head to the beach. We spend the day in the sun, sand, and saltwater. We are definitely beach people, there is no other place in this world that brings us more peace. We take the boards out for a paddle, dog and all, and we're happy, we're together. We paddle back in, grab $2 burritos from our favorite spot, kibble for Phoebe and chow down back on the sand while the sun sets. There are no worries, there is no rush, there is just time to be together. We head home, happy, and fall asleep cuddling on the couch watching Law and Order SVU reruns. *DA DUM*

Why you should vote for us

Every single couple entering to win Brides Live Wedding deserves to win, but let me tell you why I would like for us to win. Sean and I have always worked so hard to go after what we want. As an only chid raised by a single dad , Sean's life has always been practical. Right now, Sean is working three jobs, and I am student teaching full time and coaching volleyball on nights and weekends. We are living with our parents, 3,000 miles apart, saving our money to pay off student loans and to one day move in together when Sean joins me in California. When we text or call, we talk about our dream wedding on the sand, with no shoes or worries allowed. Nothing huge or elaborate, just an intimate celebration with the people we love. Brides Live Wedding can help us set aside the practical for just a bit - for one of the most important days of our lives - by making this dream come true for us.

Our Favorite Charity:
Wounded Warrior Project

I am so excited at the opportunity to help the Wounded Warriors Project! My family has supported this charity for years; its cause sits close to our hearts. My brother was in the US Army for 8 years. He served 2 tours in Iraq. We prayed night and day for his safety, and were so lucky to see him return without a scratch. However, many soldiers that return from time oversees suffer from something we can't see - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have seen PTSD and the toll it can take on families of returning soldiers firsthand, and it is something that needs more attention from our society. Luckily, my brother has been able to seek help and move forward healthfully, but some aren't so lucky. Soldiers return with physical and mental injuries after sacrificing so much for our protection and freedom, and I would be so honored to be able to give back to those brave men and women, who have given so much to so many, to help them move forward and heal as they deserve.