Courtney Lundquist & Andrew Wohl

  • Brides Live Wedding 2017
  • Brides Live Wedding 2017
  • Brides Live Wedding 2017
  • Brides Live Wedding 2017
  • Brides Live Wedding 2017

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About Us

Living in the small military town of Beaufort, SC makes us get creative when it comes to having fun! We always look for new adventures and exciting things to do whether its traveling, parasailing, snowboarding, or anything outdoors really. When we're not out exploring or traveling to visit our families, Andy works as a US Marine and I make Youtube videos for over 300,000 subscribers!

How We Met

Andy and I first met in 6th grade and dated for a year in 8th grade--that's a long time when you're young! I ended up moving to a new city for high school and we kept in touch every now and then but went our own separate ways. Fast forward to a year ago, we were still living in different cities except now the military was added into the mix. While he was on leave and visiting his family, he knew that I lived at a halfway point on his drive and decided to stop and visit for a day or two. That "day or two" turned into the rest of his three-week leave. Six months later and after many weekends spent traveling back and forth between Florida and South Carolina, I made the journey away from home and joined him with this new military lifestyle. We like to call each other our "kinda" middle school sweethearts!

The Proposal

After spending Christmas Eve with my family by attending Candle Light Service at our church, followed by a dinner at Outback, Andy asked if I would run an errand with him. He had told me he needed to pick something up from a friend who lives near the beach. As we made our way toward the beach we decided to take a walk on the beach while we were "waiting for his friend". Besides, the beach at night has always been my favorite place to go and was one of the first places I took Andy when we reunited (you wouldn't believe how many shooting stars you see while laying on a blanket!). I could tell he was a bit nervous and it was then that I started to realize that his friend never had to actually meet up with us. It was then that he got on his knee and after a few moments of silence I asked jokingly, "Well.... are you going to ask me something" and the rest was history!

Why We Should Win

Life gets crazy when you're twenty-something and everything seems to be rushing in at once. Graduating college, starting careers, building a house, starting a family and trying to figure out how to handle it all. Having the wedding of our dreams would be an amazing way to start our life together and having a BRIDES Live Wedding would help create this dream in this chaotic, exciting time in our life!

Our Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

I have always been a huge supporter of the Progeria Research Foundation and have used my large audience to spread awareness. It's not as well known as some other charities which is part of the reason why it is so important to me. Another reason is that it truly touches my heart what children with Progeria go through and since it wasn't on the list of charities to choose from, I wanted to choose an organization that also helps children. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has also been a charity I've supported over the years and I admire what they do and how they spend and allocate their donations. Both children and animals are the most innocent beings on Earth, and it breaks my heart when either have to suffer.

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