Rewa Zakharia & Hunter Hickman

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About Us

Hunter and I are both attorneys. I am a prosecutor and Hunter works for a non-profit organization that helps domestic violence victims obtain protective orders. We love playing sports together, especially volleyball, because that might be the only sport I am better at than him :) We also love spending time with our family and going out with friends. We are polar opposites, I am very loud and impatient, he is soft spoken and relaxed as can be. I get lost in an instant, he has an internal compass. He has made me more patient, and sometimes not as loud, however not much he can do about my sense of direction even though he tries. We make a great team!

How We Met

We met in a law school. Hunter was one year ahead of me, but we had a class together. Hunter says the first time he saw me he thought "she is beautiful". He eventually asked a mutual friend to introduce him, and we started talking. Our first date was to a roller derby match, it was the most unique first date I had ever had. We dated for the rest of my time in law school, while he worked for Legal Aid of North Carolina. When I graduated from law school, I got a job back in Kentucky. Hunter moved to Kentucky to be with me. And the rest is history.

The Proposal

Hunter went back home over the holidays to celebrate Christmas with his family, he was not supposed to be back in Lexington until after Christmas. Hunter had planned the best surprise for me. On December 21, 2016 I was getting ready to go to a Christmas party with my sister when Hunter called and said I had to go to his house. He thought he had forgotten to mail something very important, and told me not to look in his living room (knowing good and well that I would look). I got to his house turned on the light to his living room and saw that there were two Christmas cards for I turned off the light and called Hunter. Hunter asked me if I went in his living room, I said no, he saw right past my lies and told me to go read the cards. He had written me very very sweet notes. I found the envelope he needed and ran out his front door, and there he was on one knee! Total surprise, and of course I said yes. Best part is his whole family and mine were waiting for us to celebrate after.

Why We Should Win

We should win because we would love to be able to celebrate a beautiful wedding with our family and close friends. We could not have asked for a better family, they have sacrificed for us, provided for us, and loved us unconditionally. To be able to have a dream wedding to show them how thankful we are for all they have done would mean the world to us! Also, Hunter and I devote our time and energy everyday to help others, and while we have the most rewarding jobs, we do not make much money. It would truly be a dream to have our wedding in beautiful southern California!

Our Charity: March of Dimes

My little cousin Mira, was born at 28 weeks old weighing barely over 2 pounds. She is the most precious little girl, she went through so much pain and spent over 2 months in the NICU. March of Dimes helps little babies like Mira everyday! We now join the the March every year, and just last year little Mira was the Ambassador for them. We love this charity as it helped Mira and her parents get stronger everyday during those early difficult months.

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